Sleep Detection: Opto-M4 with Sleep Detection Software

Sleep Detection: Opto-M4 with Sleep Detection Software

Sleep Detection requires a special implementation of our Oxymax/CLAMS Software Suite. In application, the operator specifies a set of criteria based on activity and time that establishes a threshold below which causes the triggering of the onset of a sleep event. Activity is sensed by the traditional IR beam method. Beam interruptions are scored as "counts". A high count infers an active subject whereas a low count infers a sedentary animal. A count of zero infers that the animal is motionless within the spatial resolution of the IR beam monitor. The Sleep Detection function works in time slices called "epochs". The operator configures the sleep detection algorithm by describing the number of consecutive epochs during which the activity counts are equal to or less than a user defined threshold. The Software then flags the episode and tallies the sleep events over a user specified Analysis Window. Continued activity below the threshold infers a continuous sleeping bout.

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Cage Accomodation

The Opto-M4 sensors are available in various lengths to fit around most standardized mouse and rat home cages.


Monitoring motion in 2 axes, X-Y, provides the best resolution for sleep detection but the system is also available in a more economical single axis configuration (X only).

Adjustable Sensitivity

The software allows the user to define the length of the "epoch" and the "Activity Threshold" - The most beam breaks that can occur in an epoch and still qualify as a sleeping bout.


Past experiments can be re-analyzed by applying different experiment configurations to previously recorded RAW data.

Awake Activity

Besides recording sleep data, the software still records the typical ambulatory and stereotypic activity featured in the classic Opto-M4 setup.

Data Collected

Sleep Analysis may be performed on single or user grouped animal data. Data tabulated within the user specified Analysis Window is sub-divided into any occurring light and dark sessions. The resulting data from the analysis includes:

  • Number of Sleep Bouts
  • Average Sleep Bout Length in Epochs & Time formats
  • Minimum Sleep Bout Length in Epochs & Time formats
  • Maximum Sleep Bout Length in Epochs & Time formats
  • Total Sleep Time in Epochs & Time formats
  • Percent Time Sleeping within the Analysis Window

Once tabulated, the resulting analysis report may be exported into a CSV (comma separated value) file for additional manipulation by other programs or for presentation.

Complete Systems

Single Axis (X only)

Cages not included
0399-1-XOpto-M4 Single Axis 1 Cage System
0399-2-XOpto-M4 Single Axis 2 Cage System
0399-4-XOpto-M4 Single Axis 4 Cage System
0399-6-XOpto-M4 Single Axis 6 Cage System
0399-8-XOpto-M4 Single Axis 8 Cage System
0399-10-XOpto-M4 Single Axis 10 Cage System
0399-12-XOpto-M4 Single Axis 12 Cage System
0399-16-XOpto-M4 Single Axis 16 Cage System
0399-20-XOpto-M4 Single Axis 20 Cage System
0399-24-XOpto-M4 Single Axis 24 Cage System
0399-30-XOpto-M4 Single Axis 30 Cage System
0399-32-XOpto-M4 Single Axis 32 Cage System

Dual Axis (XZ or XY - please specify)

Cages not included
0399-1-XZOpto-M4 Dual Axis 1 Cage System
0399-2-XZOpto-M4 Dual Axis 2 Cage System
0399-4-XZOpto-M4 Dual Axis 4 Cage System
0399-6-XZOpto-M4 Dual Axis 6 Cage System
0399-8-XZOpto-M4 Dual Axis 8 Cage System
0399-10-XZOpto-M4 Dual Axis 10 Cage System
0399-12-XZOpto-M4 Dual Axis 12 Cage System
0399-14-XZOpto-M4 Dual Axis 14 Cage System
0399-16-XZOpto-M4 Dual Axis 16 Cage System
0399-20-XZOpto-M4 Dual Axis 20 Cage System
0399-24-XZOpto-M4 Dual Axis 24 Cage System
0399-32-XZOpto-M4 Dual Axis 32 Cage System

Triple Axis (XYZ)

Cages not included
0399-1-XYZOpto-M4 Triple Axis 1 Cage System
0399-2-XYZOpto-M4 Triple Axis 2 Cage System
0399-4-XYZOpto-M4 Triple Axis 4 Cage System
0399-6-XYZOpto-M4 Triple Axis 6 Cage System
0399-8-XYZOpto-M4 Triple Axis 8 Cage System
0399-10-XYZOpto-M4 Triple Axis 10 Cage System
0399-12-XYZOpto-M4 Triple Axis 12 Cage System
0399-14-XYZOpto-M4 Triple Axis 14 Cage System
0399-16-XYZOpto-M4 Triple Axis 16 Cage System
0399-20-XYZOpto-M4 Triple Axis 20 Cage System
0399-24-XYZOpto-M4 Triple Axis 24 Cage System
0399-32-XYZOpto-M4 Triple Axis 32 Cage System

Optional & Replacement Items

Replacement Parts:

0399-XYZOpto-M4 Bracket Set for 1 Station of XY or XYZ Configurations (4 pcs.)
0399-XZOpto-M4 Bracket Set for 1 Station of X or XZ Configurations (2 pcs.)
0399-RSS-R16Opto-M4 Replacement R16 Sensor Set
0399-RSS-R12Opto-M4 Replacement R12 Sensor Set
0399-RSS-R8Opto-M4 Replacement R8 Sensor Set
0399-RSS-M8Opto-M4 Replacement M8 Sensor Set
0399-RSS-M4Opto-M4 Replacement M4 Sensor Set
0399-HUBOpto-M4 Replacement Hub
0399Opto-M4 Replacement Interface

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Novel method for high-throughput phenotyping of sleep in mice
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