Economical Open Field Activity: Opto-M4 with MDI Software

Economical Open Field Activity: Opto-M4 with MDI Software

The Columbus Instruments Opto-M4 is our general purpose activity meter for measuring locomotor activty. The system is available in a variety of configurations with different possible sensor lengths to accomodate a variety of cages, including our 17.5" x 17.5" (44.5cm) Open Field cage.

In this specific configuration the system records the number of beam breaks associated with ambulatory movement, stereotypic movement, and total movement. Distance traveled can be estimated by multiplying the number of ambulatory beam breaks by the spacing between each beam; one inch.

The economical price comes with a reduced feature set when compared to the Opto-Varimex-4 Auto-Track package. The Opto-M4 does not track XY cooridinates, so the software does not draw the animal's path or support user-defined zones.

The system comes complete with sensors, brackets, Open Field cage, interface and MDI (Multi-Device-Interface) software.

This product is the modern implementation that replaces these Legacy Products:

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A feature unique to Opto-M4 system is the ability to re-arrange the sensor sets to cover more more cages with fewer axes of measurement, or fewer cages with measurement in more axes per cage.

Flexibility Example 1:

A system purchased for Open Field measurement in 2 cages in X, Y and Z (rearing) axes...
2X-XYZ Axis Configuration

can then be reconfigured to measure general locomotor activity and rearing in 3 home cages...
3X-XZ Axis Configuration

or measure general locomotor activity only in 6 home cages.
6X X Axis only Configuration

Flexibility Example 2:

The distance between sensors is adjustable for X and XZ axis setups. Adjustable Width

Data Collected

  • The interval number (Int)
  • The cage number (C#)
  • The interval start time (Start)
  • The interval stop time (Stop)
  • The stereotypic time (small movements) in seconds (ST sec)
  • Ambulatory counts - number reported for each axis (Xamb and Yamb)
  • Vertical sensor counts - total counts from the Z axis sensor (V1C)
  • Second vertical sensor (V axis) counts (V2C)
  • Second vertical sensor (V axis) breaks (V2B)

Data Calculated

The following parameters can be calculated post data acquisition in Excel or similar program:
  • Distance Traveled
  • Stereotypic Time
  • Ambulatory Time

Complete Systems

Standard Open Field Setup for Mice and Rats:

17.5" x 17.5" arena with 1" beam spacing
0399-OFR1-16XYZOpto-M4/Open Field System for 1 animal
0399-OFR2-16XYZOpto-M4/Open Field System for 2 animals
0399-OFR4-16XYZOpto-M4/Open Field System for 4 animals
0399-OFR8-16XYZOpto-M4/Open Field System for 8 animals

Mini Open Field Setup for Mice Only:

9.5" x 9.5" arena with 0.5" beam spacing
0399-OFM1-8XYZOpto-M4/Open Field System for 1 animal
0399-OFM2-8XYZOpto-M4/Open Field System for 2 animals
0399-OFM4-8XYZOpto-M4/Open Field System for 4 animals
0399-OFM8-8XYZOpto-M4/Open Field System for 8 animals

Optional & Replacement Items

Replacement Open Field Cages:

0399-C1616 Opto-M4 Open Field Cage

Isolation Cabinet:

0399-ISO Opto-M4 Isolation Cabinet

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