Animal Activity Meter: Opto-Varimex-5 with Hole-Poke

Animal Activity Meter: Opto-Varimex-5 with Hole-Poke

The Opto-Varimex-5 offers a special cage system for hole-poke studies that replaces the standard-solid-cage-floor with a special Hole-Poke floor. The Hole-Poke floor has sixteen evenly spaced holes 1.25" in diameter. This is large enough for a rat to poke its head down in the hole, but too small to allow escape from the cage. A system with smaller holes is available for mice. The floor fits under the standard Opto-Varimex cage.

The Columbus Instruments Hole-Poke analyzer system is designed to provide quantitative measurements of exploratory behavior. Subjects are free to roam about the arena which has an equally spaced grid of sixteen holes in the floor. This floor is mounted just above the infrared beams of the Opto-Varimex-5 activity sensor. When a subject pokes its nose down through one of the holes the Opto-Varimex detects the time and location of the poking behavior. This information is then saved in the software at one-second intervals.

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Raw Data Storage

Auto-Track complies with GLP requirements for maintenance of an unalterable original data set. Auto-Track "raw" data files are in a binary format that allows for re-examination and recreation of processed parameters. The file can not be edited without flagging an error that causes Auto-Track to reject the altered file.

Validation of System Operation

For purposes of validation, real time monitoring may be employed to assess that all beams are functional and that the system is operating to factory specifications. Diagnostic procedure within the system provides documented methods for assessing system performance.

Staggered Start

Auto-Track allows ad-hoc initiation of an experiment on a cage by cage basis. Experiments bound by temporally critical procedures and/or specific dosage response characteristics can be accommodated by Auto-Tracks ability to start/stop each cage independently.

Re-Analysis of Data

Auto-Track maintains a minute-by-minute record of all scored parameters. Alternate time-binning of the data is supported with one minute temporal resolution. The resulting "re-binned" data set may be stored for further evaluation using third party statistical tools.

Data Collected

  • The interval number (Int)
  • The cage number (C#)
  • The interval start time (Start)
  • The interval stop time (Stop)
  • Number of nose pokes for each hole
  • Total duration of nose poke(s) for each hole
  • The distance in centimeters traveled by the subject during the interval (DT cm)
  • The resting time (no movement detected) in seconds (RT sec)
  • The stereotypic time (small movements) in seconds (ST sec)
  • The ambulatory time (large ambulatory movement) in seconds (AT sec)
  • Bursts of stereotypic movement (BSM)
  • Horizontal counts - the combined total of all X and Y axis counts (HC)
  • Ambulatory counts - combined X and Y, but only for new beam breaks (AC)
  • Clockwise rotations (optional) (CR)
  • Counter-clockwise rotations (optional) (CCR)

Complete Systems

Mouse Hole-Poke/Opto-Varimex-5 System Examples (17.5" x 17.5" Arena)

0170-HPM1Mouse Hole-Poke/Opto-Varimex-5 System for 1 animal
0170-HPM2Mouse Hole-Poke/Opto-Varimex-5 System for 2 animals
0170-HPM4Mouse Hole-Poke/Opto-Varimex-5 System for 4 animals
0170-HPM8Mouse Hole-Poke/Opto-Varimex-5 System for 8 animals

Rat Hole-Poke/Opto-Varimex-5 System Examples (17.5" x 17.5" Arena)

0170-HPR1Rat Hole-Poke/Opto-Varimex-5 System for 1 animal
0170-HPR2Rat Hole-Poke/Opto-Varimex-5 System for 2 animals
0170-HPR4Rat Hole-Poke/Opto-Varimex-5 System for 4 animals
0170-HPR8Rat Hole-Poke/Opto-Varimex-5 System for 8 animals

Optional & Replacement Items

Hole-Poke Kit add-on

0150-HPMOpto-Varimex-5 Hole Poke Kit for Mice:
Includes Mouse Board and one 16" Sensor Set
0150-HPROpto-Varimex-5 Hole Poke Kit for Rats:
Includes Rat Board and one 16" Sensor Set

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