Exer 3/6 Treadmill for Mice and Rats

Exer 3/6 Treadmill for Mice and Rats

Exer-3/6 is a general purpose three (rats) or six (mice) lane animal exerciser utilizing single belt construction with dividing walls suspended over the tread surface. Exer-3/6 can be supplied with or without a stimulus assembly. An electrical stimulus system option is composed of six shock grids, each with individual on/off switches. Stimulus intensity is adjustable and LED lamps indicate which stimulus grid is active. Design of electrical stimulus grid reflects special attention to avoid injuries to animals. Animals are exercised in three or six compartments made of durable plastic (clear Lexan or opaque PVC). An included drive motor controller provides smooth and continuous adjustment of speed in the range 3-100 m/m. The exercising belt is made with special material that facilitates the animals' grip and is easy to clean.

Software included, provides remote control over the treadmill and settings for speed and acceleration, records distance traveled and data is saved in CSV format for Excel or similar statistical software.

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3 individual lanes for rats
6 individual lanes for mice
Software Included
Single belt construction
Unique wide range of speed adjustable from 3 to 100 meters per minute
Automated speed calibration mode
Adjustable Acceleration in 0.1 Meter/minute-steps per second
Programmable Acceleration profiles (requires use of software)
Digital display of Distance Traveled
Adjustable inclination: 0-25°
Electrical Stimulus with individual on/off switches per lane (manual)
Electric Stimulus Auto-off (requires shock detection option)
Belt texture facilitates animal grip

Physical Dimensions

Overall dimensions: 33" x 20" x 20" (33 x 50.8 x 50.8cm)
Each exercise lane dimensions: Rats: 17.25"L x 4.75"W x 5"H (43.8 x 12 x 12.7 cm)
Mice: 17.25"L x 2.37"W x 5"H (43.8 x 6 x 12.7 cm)
Stimulus area (shocking grid area):
Rats: 4.5" x 4.75" (11.4 x 12cm)
Mice: 4.5" x 2.37" (11.4 x 6cm)
Stimulus current: 0 to 1.5mA (adjustable)
Stimulus voltage: 163V
Repetition Rate: 1Hz, 2Hz, or 3Hz (adjustable)
Tread inclination: 0 to 25° in 5° steps
Optional Tread Decline: -15 to 0° in 5° steps

Data Collected

On the digital display

  • Distance (global odometer)
  • Speed

In Software program

  • Distance (global odometer)
  • Speed

Shock Detection option adds these parameters:

  • Number shock grid visits per lane (NOV)
  • Number of total shock impulses per subject (NOS)
  • Individual subject Distance Traveled
  • Time spent running (TOB)

Complete Systems

Exer 3/6 Treadmill

1050RMExer-3/6 Treadmill without Shock for Rats(3) & Mice(6)
1055SRMExer-3/6 Treadmill with Shock for Rats(3) & Mice(6)
1055SDRMExer-3/6 Treadmill with Shock and Shock Detection for Rats(3) & Mice(6)
1050DHExer-3/6 Treadmill Exer-3/6 Open Treadmill Downhill Running Adapter

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Evaluation of Skeletal and Cardiac Muscle Function after Chronic Administration of Thymosin {beta}-4 in the Dystrophin Deficient Mouse
Christopher F. Spurney, Hee-Jae Cha, Arpana Sali, Gouri S. Pandey, Emidio Pistilli, Alfredo D. Guerron, Heather Gordish-Dressman, Eric P. Hoffman, Kanneboyina Nagaraju
PLoS ONE 5(1): e8976
Postnatal PPAR{delta} Activation and Myostatin Inhibition Exert Distinct yet Complimentary Effects on the Metabolic Profile of Obese Insulin-Resistant Mice
Barbara L. Bernardo, Timothy S. Wachtmann, Patricia G. Cosgrove, Max Kuhn, Alan C. Opsahl, Kyle M. Judkins, Thomas B. Freeman, John R. Hadcock, Nathan K. LeBrasseur
PLoS ONE 5(6): e11307
Functional and Molecular Effects of Arginine Butyrate and Prednisone on Muscle and Heart in the mdx Mouse Model of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Alfredo D. Guerron, Rashmi Rawat, Arpana Sali, Christopher F. Spurney, Emidio Pistilli, Hee-Jae Cha, Gouri S. Pandey, Ramkishore Gernapudi, Dwight Francia, Viken Farajian, Diana M. Escolar, Laura Bossi, Magali Becker, Patricia Zerr, Sabine de la Porte, Heather Gordish-Dressman, Terence Partridge, Eric P. Hoffman, Kanneboyina Nagaraju
PLoS ONE 5(6): e11220
Stem Cell Therapy with Overexpressed VEGF and PDGF Genes Improves Cardiac Function in a Rat Infarct Model
Hiranmoy Das, Jon C. George, Matthew Joseph, Manjusri Das, Nasreen Abdulhameed, Anna Blitz, Mahmood Khan, Ramasamy Sakthivel, Hai-Quan Mao, Brian D. Hoit, Periannan Kuppusamy, Vincent J. Pompili
PLoS ONE 4(10): e7325
Ectopic Catalase Expression in Mitochondria by Adeno-Associated Virus Enhances Exercise Performance in Mice
Dejia Li, Yi Lai, Yongping Yue, Peter S. Rabinovitch, Chady Hakim, Dongsheng Duan
PLoS ONE 4(8): e6673
miRNA in the Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Adaptation to Acute Endurance Exercise in C57Bl/6J Male Mice
Adeel Safdar, Arkan Abadi, Mahmood Akhtar, Bart P. Hettinga, Mark A. Tarnopolsky
PLoS ONE 4(5): e5610
Electric Pulse Stimulation of Cultured Murine Muscle Cells Reproduces Gene Expression Changes of Trained Mouse Muscle
Nathalie Burch, Anne-Sophie Arnold, Flurin Item, Serge Summermatter, Gesa Brochmann Santana Santos, Martine Christe, Urs Boutellier, Marco Toigo, Christoph Handschin
PLoS ONE 5(6): e10970
Distinct Roles for Laminin Globular Domains in Laminin ?1 Chain Mediated Rescue of Murine Laminin ?2 Chain Deficiency
Kinga I. Gawlik, Mikael Ã…kerlund, Virginie Carmignac, Harri Elamaa, Madeleine Durbeej
PLoS ONE 5(7): e11549
Cytoplasmic CUG RNA Foci Are Insufficient to Elicit Key DM1 Features
Warunee Dansithong, Cordula M. Wolf, Partha Sarkar, Sharan Paul, Andy Chiang, Ian Holt, Glenn E. Morris, Dorothy Branco, Megan C. Sherwood, Lucio Comai, Charles I. Berul, Sita Reddy
PLoS ONE 3(12): e3968